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"Very inspirational. "

Towana King
"Direct Contracts for Notaries Replay"

"Thank you for this course. It was excellent. "

Vicki Gainous
"R.O.N. Resources"

"Absolutely helpful "

Traice Robinson
"Replay of Apostilles for Notaries Part 1"

"Great class Thank you "

Loukeeler M. Bell
"Replay of Apostilles for Notaries Part 2"

"This was such an informative video! Thank you so much for this content. "

Domonique Raney
"Wills, Estates & Trusts Replay"

"You are God's gift to us Monica."

Mieesha Chambers
"Notary Permit Runner Day 1 Replay"

"Wow this was amazing. Can't wait to get started. Thank you Monica and Cynthia. It is great seeing two powerful woman come together and share this great information. Wishing you both continued success !!!!!! "

Betsy Jimenez
"Notary Permit Runner Day 2 Replay"

"Florida: was some great information. I feel empowered. "

Janee Boyd
"The Car Dealership Navigator Replay"

"This is a great course! "

Lucia Cruz
"Notary Business Basics 101 Replay"

"Wow! What a great class. Thank you for sharing this! "

Amber Houmes
"Notary Business Basics 102 Replay"

"I am brand new to this notary business. This P&L will get me off to a great start while I'm waiting for my commissions. You are a life saver on breaking everything down. "

Tabitha Baines
"Schedule C Profit and Loss Replay"

"Excellent information, thanks Monica! "

Level Silva
"Notary Business Basics 101 Replay"

"Absolutely enjoyed & appreciated this course! I came away encouraged and more equipped with the necessary knowledge & understanding needed to pursue RON opportunities. Aretha, thank you for all of this valuable information. And Monica, thank you very much for making this course and this platform available. "

Teresa Ware
"Making Money with RON Day 2 Replay"

"Phenomenal info! Thank you!!! "

Miriam Charles
"Entrepreneurial Mindset Shift"

"OMG! I wish I was in Notary Nerds before now! When I tell you I have a story! Honey, listen!!!! This is my first vid watching and when I said it hit home, it really hit home! Awesome, awesome content!!! "

Ashley Wimbley
"Entrepreneurial Mindset Shift"

"I got a lot out of both sessions. I was so unclear about Apostille before I started this training and now so much is clearer now. I feel ready to start my Apostille journey. "

Kayler McGill
"Apostilles for Notaries Part 2 Replay"

"Great information I’m new to Notary Nerds. And have been learning so many new and exciting things thanks Monica! "

Lakeisha Wildkerson
"Class Slides"

"Monica, Kudos to you. The best session to date! "

Ronald Prince
"Entrepreneurial Mindset Shift"

"THIS is FIRE! Thank You.... This is making me give myself July 1st Goals to tighten up my back office so that I am prepared when the attorneys start calling for my services :) "

Tiffany Nance
"Multiple Email Series"

"Hello, I just figured out what I was doing wrong. I finally figured out how to access the content. Thank you for creating such a wonderful space!! "

Lauren Duncan
NNU Member

"Hi Monica, This was an excellent class, it was exactly what I needed. Thank you!!! 😊 "

Lenell Silva
"How to Determine Your Pricing Replay"

"Great presentation. Learned a,lot of great material. "

April Burns
"Social Media Coaching LIVE Replay"

"This was straight to the point, extremely easy to understand "

Bridgette Mallett
"Invoicing for Notaries Assessment"

"Quality content really do appreciate it!! "

Micheal Occide
"How to Set Up a Subscription Button with PayPal"

"This was an awesome training. Very much appreciated. Thank you. "

Candace Bey
"Facebook Boosted Ad"

"Monica, You are very proficient managing your web page! Thanks for this step by step. "

Patsy Davis
"How to Deliver Your List Automatically"


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